Other Services

Apart from the manufacture of custom-made speakers, I also offer the following services:

Repair of broken audio systems.

Did you buy an audio system that stopped working right after its warranty period expired? Instead of throwing it in the trash, I suggest you contact me first. I will happily bring your system back from the dead. When an audio system stops working, it is usually “only” a single component that has truly died, so the repair process does not have to be a complex undertaking. Nonetheless, should I be repairing your audio system, it is also worthwhile to also discuss an upgrade of the internals – not only will your system be working again, but it will also have improved sound and a prolonged lifespan.

Upgrade of current or vintage sound speakers (i.e. “refurbishment”)

I offer renovation of old audio systems and improvement of their acoustics. This includes replacement of loudspeaker enclosures, such as from plastic to natural materials (usually wood), upgrade of sound speakers for more powerful ones (I mainly use products made by TEXON, BEYMA, SELENIUM, VISATON and DAITON AUDIO) and upgrade of board components.