Production of loudspeakers

Production of loudspeakers
1. Custom work
The sound speakers create an integral part of the interior and should therefore correspond both visually and with its accoustic qualities with the room that they are in. The design, surface finishing and blending with the rest of your equipment will be according to your wishes and requirements.
2. Manufacturing
The speakers for our products are from renowned manufacturers and from the best sourced materials. The speakers and the rest of the equipment are exclusively hand-made and we strive for maximum quality of manufacturing. Internal cabling, the motherboard and terminal connections feature high-quality soldering.
3. The price-to-quality ratio.
The development, manufacturing and sales is all done internally and therefore you do not pay for a ‘brand name’, where usually you would have to pay for included marketing and advertising costs. We look to find the ideal ratio between the price and quality of our products.
4. Extended warranty period.
In comparison to the standard 24 month warranty period, which is mandated by Czech law, we offer a warranty period of 36 month as standard. 
5. Delivery timetable.
Depending on the customer’s requirements, we are able to deliver our finished products in a one week to two month window.